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Engineering calculator for calculating the acceleration of the spacecraft

Greetings space engineers. This calculator allows you to calculate the acceleration of your vehicle (lift) in the different conditions, at different altitudes, and planets. It allows you to design phase to correct a possible flaw in the design or data to calculate how much you need to add drives to your space ship could land on a planet you are interested in.

Also this calculator allows you to calculate how much time your ship will fly a hydrogen-powered in the atmosphere and at what height it will be most economical.

For product calculation fill the fields in accordance with the parameters of your ship and click on "calculate traction" button below it will be given schedule, which will be displayed at a height of your ship will accelerate.

On the "fuel" you can specify the height above the planet's surface and you will be provided with information on fuel consumption in the required amount to maintain altitude.

Type ship
Ship weight (kg)
Hydrogen tank
Oxygen generator

Select planet

The gravitational field
The height of the troposphere
rarefied atmosphere

Height to the beginning of the loss of gravity
Height to the loss of power ion engines
The power of gravity

Atmospheric thrusters

Small Big

Hydrogen thrusters

Small Big

Ion thrusters

Small Big

Note: weight of cargo on the ship calculating a different way if the inventory size is x1, the weight of the load is equal to the weight of the ship, if the same modifier inventory capacity is x10, the weight of the load will be 10 times easier, much increase agility and acceleration of ship

Fuel consumption
The ship is not able to fly! The calculations have not been made!
Select height
Maximum hydrogen flow rate in the second - 0 H/s
The flight time on hydrogen - 0 sec.
( while taking into account all running thrusters and all oxygen generators )
Maximum power consumption - 0 Mg

The required amount of energy to maintain the height - 0 Mg

It is necessary for the reactor in the same direction of flight:
Small / big: 0 / 0

The required engine power to maintain altitude:
- all thrusters: 0% (0%*)
- atmospheric thrusters: 0% (0%*)
- hydrogen thrusters: 0% (100%*)
- ion thrusters: 0% (0%*)
* - efficiency engines, depending on the height and the planet